About Turama Pacific Travel Group

Peter Hendrie: "Woman on Beach at Sunset"

At Turama Pacific Travel Group, we understand that travel is about change.

At the very least it is about a change of scene, from whatever is normal and familiar to something different.

And not only something different, but something meaningful at least and transformative at most.

We understand that more of you than ever are seeking not only different places in the world, but different places in yourself.

Which is why you are here, reading Turamavision, our on-line magazine.

And which is why we exist: to find and provide to you the best of meaningful travel in the South Pacific, or anywhere else.

We specialize in The Cook Islands, because it is the most unspoiled and most undiscovered of the many places in the world that lay claim to the name: Paradise.

But the deep fact is this: Paradise is not only a place, it is a way of thinking and being, that you not only visit, for a few days or a few weeks, but take back with you to that then-transformed world that you call home.

Take the time, spend the money, and come.

We’ll help ensure, in the most important ways, that you will never leave.


Robert Skews, Managing Director


About these websites:

We have built and are continuing to build the most comprehensive and relevant family of websites ever done for The Cook Islands [and maybe anyplace else].

It is easy for you to explore the many ways that experiences in The Cook Islands can enhance your life and the lives of those you know.

TuramaVision presents a careful selection of Cook Islands experiences in a way that is relevant to your interests, from Adventure to Escape to Meetings to Romance and Weddings.

In our Resources section [at the bottom of every site home page] you will also find a collection of other websites that give you all of the perspective and insight that you could want on this wonderful part of the world.

So, focus on your passion or browse to your heart’s content.

Then come to The Cook Islands… and find yourself.